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So we are now down to just six contestants left on “The X Factor” and the competition is really getting quite tight. This week’s theme was “Songs From Films” so cue a number of songs from random soundtracks heard (or not heard, as the case might be) on obscure films that not many people have seen or heard of, plus a couple of more obvious ones. Once again, the same acts managed to do well – Misha B, Amelia, Little Mix and Marcus, but unfortunately Craig and Janet are really continuing to wear out their one-trick pony appeal. This week I’m gonna do a very quick summary of each this week’s performances for you:


Boring Craig.

Craig sings yet another woman’s song this week, this time from a Bond film and while his voice is not too bad, his performance was rather dull as usual.

Vocals: 3/5

Performance: 1/5

Overall: 4/10


Janet, the one-trick pony.

Janet managed to find another song that fits her unique voice quite well this week, but again it’s nothing exciting at all really to be honest.

Vocals: 3/5

Performance: 1/5

Overall: 4/10


Amelia sings a song everyone on the planet except Tulisa has heard.

Amelia Lily took on the Aretha Franklin classic “Think” (a song that Tulisa has never heard of before… like, seriously?!) but slowed the tempo down ever so slightly, lowered the key to fit her voice and range and gave it a rocky edge… Not sure if it was that amazing given the twist she put on it but it was definitely pretty good!

Vocals: 4/5

Performance: 3/5

Overall: 7/10

Misha B

Misha does her best Whitney Houston impression while looking like J-Hud.

Although choosing a Whitney Houston was quite a big risk and also quite predictable, this was probably Misha‘s best vocal performance to date (if a little raw and not 100% perfect) and was good to see her stripped down and given a good song that could really show off what she is capable of. Still waiting for her to repeat the same kind of mind-blowing, unique performance she has pulled off a few times before though.

Vocals: 5/5

Performance: 3/5

Overall: 8/10

Little Mix

Little Mix get rid of the ugly clothes for once.

Little Mix moved away from doing poppy R&B and club-like songs with ridiculous clown outfits in previous weeks and gave a good attempt at pulling off a song by En Vogue, a girl group with some very tricky and tight harmonies, so kudos to them. And also for looking rather slick instead of wearing wacky pajamas.

Vocals: 4/5

Performance: 3/5

Overall: 7/10


Marcus looking so not gay in a pink suit. Not.

Marcus is definitely good within the niche he has found himself in – old-school, Motown and soul songs, but now it is getting rather predictable! Good vocals and nice performance, but needs to change it up again really…

Vocals: 4/5

Peformance: 3/5

Overall: 7/10

Who should go: Craig or Janet please!

Who will go: Hard to call but here’s hoping the voters have gotten tired and bored of Craig and Janet now as well…


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