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One week until the semi-final and two until the final of “The X Factor” and now is the time when contestants should not be fucking up! But then again, if none of them fucked up, it would be harder to think who should go and not go the finals stretch… This week, the finalists get to sing two songs each for the first time and the theme is “Guilty Pleasures” and “Heroes” – for the first, you would expect them all to sing really cheesy songs, but then again the definition of what song can be classed as a “guilty pleasure” is all down to opinion; and for the second half, the finalists get to try and emulate the artists they are most inspired by and look up to most! Oh, and sometimes whose style they try to copy most too…

So anyway, as usual, here are my ratings for each finalists, but this time for both their performances to give an overall rating out of 20:

Little Mix

Little Mix take it down a notch or two and attempt to sing "Beautiful".

For their first song, Little Mix did, well a little mix-up, of Justin Bieber‘s (*groan*) “Baby” and The Supremes. While the Bieber part was unsurprisingly cringe-worthy and definitely something one should be ashamed of liking, their attempt at The Supremes part was pretty good. For their second song, they attempted Christina Aguilera‘s “Beautiful” – always a risk – but while it wasn’t great vocally, they at least put a lot of emotion into it.

Song 1 – Voices: 3/5

Song 1 – Performance: 4/5

Song 2 -Voices: 3/5

Song 2 – Performance: 3/5

Overall: 13/20


Janet fucks up again... For the last time, hopefully!

Janet is really not faring well recently. In her first song, she was rather dire and forgot the lyrics once again, and looked quite uncomfortable performing it. For her version of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, it was not as bad as her first performance but definitely not great… She’s really finally got to go now, surely?!

Song 1 – Voice: 1/5

Song 1 – Performance: 2/5

Song 2 – Voice: 2/5

Song 2 – Performance: 1/5

Overall: 6/20

Misha B

Looks like Misha raided Little Mix's wardrobe!

Misha B was back on top, SLAYING form again this week for her first performance of Cyndi Lauper‘s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, giving the 80’s look a funky twist and adding her own rap to it – something we’ve been waiting for her to do again for a while. She then sang “Killing Me Softly” and didn’t do a bad job – it was quite reminscent of her performance from last week.

Song 1 – Voice: 4/5

Song 1 – Performance: 5/5

Song 2 – Voice: 4/5

Song 2 – Performance: 2/5

Overall: 15/20


Marcus sings yet another Stevie Wonder song...

As good as Marcus is, he still needs to realise that not every week is “Motown Week”. Although for the first performance he did a Wham classic and put on a good show, it was still quite karaoke-ish and does not live up to the original. For song number two, he shocked us all by doing something completely different and sang Stevie Wonder! Ok, that’s not a shock… Was not a bad performance overall but at least he did a ballad for once.

Song 1 – Voice: 3/5

Song 1 – Performance: 4/5

Song 2 – Voice: 3/5

Song 2 – Performance: 2/5

Overall: 12/20

Amelia Lily

Amelia sings her heart out.

Amelia nailed it with her first performance of T-Pau‘s “China In Your Hand” – although I noticed she had been taking pointers from Janet and didn’t wear shoes (or at least looked that way)…? Anyway, on her second song she took on Kelly Clarkson‘s “Since You’ve Been Gone” and while the vocal wasn’t amazing (it is a hard song to sing though), it definitely wasn’t bad either.

Song 1 – Voice: 4/5

Song 1 – Performance: 3/5

Song 2 – Voice: 3/5

Song 2 – Performance: 3/5

Overall: 13/20

Who should go: Definitely Janet!

Who will go: If all is right with the world, then Janet


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