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Ok, so next week is finally the final of this year’s turbulent series of “The X Factor” and with just four contestants left and only three places available, this is undoubtedly the tightest part of the competition… One tiny slip-up, be it bad vocals or wrong song, and it could cost one of these acts big time! With the majority of the rubbish contestants having left, it is probably the best four out of the original sixteen who remain to fight it out… This week’s theme was “Motown” (although for Marcus, it’s just a normal week) so each contestant could show us the soulful side of themselves, while for the second song they were meant to pick a song they feel could take them through to the final. So did any of them make a mistake and do something that might inevitably prevent them from being in next week’s final? You bet!

Misha B

Misha looking like a young Diana Ross perhaps? And wearing a dress made of... broken records?!

The majority of contestants in previous shows and series who have performed first have always been in trouble of having a higher chance of leaving the competition that week, but hopefully that will not happen to Misha this week. Although it was a bit disappointing that she didn’t do similar performances to that of her first audience where she sang “Respect” and also “Survivor” in boot camp, she still did well. I wasn’t too crazy about her first song choice but doing a cover of P!nk‘s “Perfect” for her second song was a good decision.

First song – Vocals: 4/5

First song – Performance: 4/5

Second song – Vocals: 5/5

Second song – Performance: 3/5

Overall: 16/20

Amelia Lily

Did Petula Clark invent a time machine? Oh no, it's Amelia.

In her first audition, Amelia sang “Piece Of My Heart” and pulled it off pretty well, and so could have done a similar kind of thing this week, but instead went for a rather bland, karaoke-ish performance of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” which was not so great to be honest… Not good enough for a semi-final, in my opinion! She did however, up her game by singing Avril Lavigne‘s “I’m With You” for her second song, proving she’s quite the rock chick everyone seems to be branding her.

First song – Vocals: 3/5

First song – Performance: 3/5

Second song – Vocals: 4/5

Second song – Performance: 4/5

Overall: 14/20

Little Mix

Little Mix seem to have completely used up their wacky wardrobe in recent weeks...

The girls are still pretty good but again, their performances and vocals seem to be yo-yo’ing up and down each week – one time they’re really, the next they’re not so great… Both of these performances overall were not bad, but not mind-blowingly amazing either. Their first song was a Supremes track, another one after they did a little from another last week, although the arrangement of it was a bit strange. They then did a Beyonce song, which was vocally better but not that exciting really!

First song – Vocals: 3/5

First song – Performance: 3/5

Second song – Vocals: 4/5

Second song – Performance: 3/5

Overall: 13/20


Marcus singing about his "girl"? Something ain't right there! Who's he trying to fool?

In what was meant to be the perfect week for Marcus, where we could finally do something that would surprise us all (not!), he actually seemed to have out-Motowned himself, if that’s even possible… After about six or seven past consecutive weeks having performed Motown songs, it seems Marcus could not out-do himself and hence both of this week’s performances being pretty weak in comparison to his previous ones. His vocals are still good but his novelty is wearing thin – poor song choices (I mean, the title “My Girl” for the first one says it all really!) and rather karaoke-ish performances may mean he could be in danger this week…

First song – Vocals: 3/5

First song – Performance: 3/5

Second song – Vocals: 3/5

Second song – Performance: 3/5

Overall: 12/20

Who should go: It is a tough call, but based on overall performances, Marcus! Or maybe even Little Mix?

Who will go: If the public agree with the majority of the judges’ comments, then Marcus. But then again, Misha has also not always been a favourite of the public it seems, unfortunately…


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