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Wow, so we are finally at the end of 2011 – a year that has been… well, like every other year really, with its ups and its downs, which I won’t go into… So this is just going to be a quick look back at my life throughout the last year month-by-month – complete with some of favourite pictures so I don’t have to write one big, long essay! But in short I completed my four year degree at the Univeristy of Manchester and graduated, but lazed around for most of the summer, then decided I’d return to Manchester again to do a Masters degree at the University of Salford, and now here we are back in December at the end of another year! Anyway, enough that boring crap, here are the piccies:

Spending New Year's in London! This was technically 31st December 2010, but oh well...


I think this was actually March, but nevermind, because I can't find any from February...


My glasses are actually brown, not red by the way!


Yes, it was actually sunny in April!


Aww, I loved my hair like this...


My friend's wedding! JulyWoohoo, graduation!


When the extended family came to visit...


Celebrating daddy's 60th birthday with family and some "randomers"...


OMG... Halloween as a corpse groom was so much fun!


This is actually from December, but I don't have any pictures from November, so this'll do...


Christmas times with friends!

Stay tuned for the next and final blog post of this year (or first of next year) which is coming soon… My “Best/Favourites of 2011”.


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