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Ain’t No Other Tan: TaNtHeMaN88 ©

Hello-ha! And welcome to my blog!


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Rightio. So about moi: my grandparents (not my parents), named me Choon Young Tan, but don’t call me that. Or Choon. However, the following are acceptable: Young/Yung, Yang (well, sounds better when you say it in Chinese)/(陈)俊扬/扬扬 and, well that’s it. Although one friend at university has named me Ricky (you’ve been zinged, Fredsta – ♥). So take your pick.

I’m a 22 year old British-born Chinese student studying at Manchester (yes, the real and original uni), doing Chinese Studies (“why?” you may ask. I can’t be arsed to tell you.). That involves learning about the culture, history, politics, economy, literature and films in China, and a very small percentage of it is assigned to learning the language. Exciting. Am currently in my fourth and final year so a rather busy bee… well, am supposed to be! Not sure exactly what my plans are after graduation yet… so please stop asking, thanks!

To sum me up, here’s a few of my favourite things (you can never say or read that phrase without singing it can you?):

The Chinese language

Chinese culture



The Simpsons



Jackie Chan

Christina Aguilera


Hot chocolate

Chinese tea

Dim Sum


60s-80s jazz, soul and funk music

Films (rather love CGI films)

Reading (the action, not the place)

So in this blog I have no idea what exactly I will be writing about, but I can tell you that most of them will revolve around those topics, and perhaps other things… like what or who I don’t like – and that list is even longer!

Some of these blogs might be in Chinese, but don’t expect me to go out my own way just to write a bilingual blog with every post written in two languages… just use Google translate if you’re that intrigued – or your brain if you’re good enough!

Alsoooo (that’s Deutsch ja oder?), get ready, sit back and have a perv, I mean a gander… well, I can understand if you wanna perv though. Oh, and enjoy (that’s an order)!

NB: All views expressed in this blog are of course my own… Duh! And I couldn’t give the slightest toss if you don’t agree with me. Having said that, any comments opposing what I say will be deleted… That’s just how I am! If you do agree with me then, well as they say – “Great minds think alike”!



  1. Cool blog. Can you write some post about 70s-90s rock n roll music. 🙂

  2. Stumble upon ur blog.Amazing blog……and I do agree with u, Great minds think alike. 🙂

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