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My gushings over famous people I like, and my rants over famous people I hate.

Less than 30 days after the passing of Etta James, one of the greatest vocalists of all time, Whitney Houston, suddenly passed away as well. She was one of the biggest-selling female artists of all time and had tremendous success throughout most of her career, and despite her troubles, still left a legacy behind her. Whitney‘s rich, smooth and soulful voice was what made her standout star and her practically impeccable technique was unparalleled during her peak and she inspired a legion of many other singers who came after her. Here is a list of top 10 favourite Whitney Houston songs (singles):

10) Queen Of The Night

9) Million Dollar Bill

8) I Have Nothing

7) So Emotional

6) I Will Always Love You

5) When You Believe (with Mariah Carey)

4) Run To You

3) I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

2) One Moment In Time

1) How Will I Know


A few world-known celebrities have died in recent weeks, for example, iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor and rapper Nate Dogg. And yesterday, for some reason, the “death” of legendary kung fu superstar Jackie Chan suddenly began “trending” on Twitter.  Thankfully, the Drunken Master himself rubbished these rumours and officially released a statement on Twitter, Facebook and to the news to sat that the made-up story was, well, made-up! I did perhaps think at first that something might have happened and then was over-exaggerated and blown out of proportion by some twisted individual or “celebrity gossip” website. But no, nothing had happened at all. Having read some people’s tweets, some were claiming or wondering if it was an April Fool’s Joke – despite the fact that it’s not quite 1st April just yet, believe it or not. Obviously some people need to take a second glance at the calendars then! What I wonder is why would someone seriously start such a sick rumour? Especially about someone who everyone loves… I mean, granted if it was former President George W. Bush that everyone was saying had died, people might not be so sad and shocked about it… But then again, George Bush is no longer relevant in this world anymore anyway and not even a celebrity in the first place, nor someone that everyone seems to like, so I can’t imagine anyone bothering talking about him anymore. Well, except me. But now I’m done!

Above: A screenshot from the stupid hoax site that reported his “death”.

Luckily I was not fooled by such a ridiculous thing. I can honestly say that my first thought was: “Pfft, yeah right! As if…” Some news reports apparently said that Chan “suffered from a heart attack”… A fit as ten fiddles man like him having a heart attack? It had to be fake! Other celebrities who have been subject to death hoaxes include Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus… Not that I’m a fan of the latter two anyway. Of course, despite Jackie Chan quickly claiming that the rumour was a big fat fake, he is still trending for a second day in a row… And some people, no, numbskulls, are still believing it – but luckily most people are now changing Rest In Peace to a Really Inspirational Person! Or maybe that’s why it’s still trending – because people keep telling everyone it’s fake… Hello? The majority of us are not stupid – as soon as Jackie himself confirmed that he’s still alive and well, that’s all the confirmation you need! “Why is RIP Jackie Chan still trending?”and “Honestly, RIP Jackie Chan needs to stop trending” – OMG you twitter twats, you just upped the trend even more! Ha. Idiots…

Now all we need Jackie to do is release another statement saying: “If I ever find out who started that rumour, that 王八蛋 (son-of-a-bitch) will get kicked out of a window like I did to Ricky Tan in Rush Hour 2!” I mean, if you were a celebrity who was “pronounced dead” by some  sick, twisted random person, would you take it in good humour or be angry and feel disgusted that someone would do that to you and your fans? I would choose the latter.

Above: You don’t wanna mess with Jackie! With or without a cue stick…

Headlines were made in the news over the weekend… No, nothing to do with Russia, Eygpt, football or anything like that – it was the biggest sporting event in the USA: THE SUPER BOWL. And it wasn’t about who won. In fact people seemed to be more interested in the fact that the legend that is Christina Aguilera, a.k.a. The Voice of our Generation” sung one line of America’s National Anthem, “Star Spangled Banner” WRONG. Oops! The footage has been posted all over the web and the slip-up, for which Christina has since apologized for, has been the subject of much abuse from critics and just haters in general. Well there’s a surprise…

Many people have laughed at her, saying it was “embarrassing” that she didn’t know the words (despite the fact that she’s been singing it at sporting matches since the age of 7), while others were so “disappointed” and even “angered” that (according to their over-exaggeration) she “disgraced” America. Yes, imprison her now! Oh puh-lease… Of course, there were also the same old tiresome remarks about her appearance, her body shape (representing the “obese” population of America? Ha!) and the style in which she sung it (which hasn’t changed much from a small 7 year old to a grown 30 year old), and many people in general just making a huge fuss over the small mistake. Talking of bad performances – they obviously didn’t stay to watch the Black Eyed Peas… Which not only shows some people’s obvious priorities in terms of concerns over their own country’s (and this world’s) problems and worries, but also that some people’s opinions cannot seem to change, even of over 8 years. They criticized her in 2002, they criticized her 2 years ago, they criticized her last year and they are still just keep that hatred spewing even today.

While of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how worthless they or their comments are, the use of such hyperbole and the reaction (well, OVER-REACTION) was totally unnecessary. She’s human for Christ’s sake, just like the rest of us and we all make little and big mistakes. Sure, it was at the Super Bowl and in front of countless numbers of people, but there are bigger and worse things to get so worked up about these days! Get over it. Her little slip-up not only proved to us that she is human (with quite a superhuman voice), but also tested her as a true artist and performer – she stopped for a split-second after singing the wrong line (which, I might add, hardly anyone really caught on until it was pointed out by people who wanted to find the smallest, insignificant thing that was or went wrong just to criticize), when she realised her mistake, but didn’t falter completely and still bravely soldiered on towards the end.

On the flipside to the complete “outrage” of this tiny matter, the 100,000 strong fans in the stadium and the players all seemed to be moved by her performance and screamed and cheered at the end. Celebrity fans and friends of Christina, such as Nicole Sherzinger and took to the net to defend her and shower her with praise for her vocals and commending her for carrying on and ignoring her mistake. So let’s see one of you haters get up there in front of tens of thousands of people at one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events, being watched live by tens of millions of people in the USA and even around the world, and belt out the National Anthem like that. Yep, didn’t think you could!