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Some lists of my favourite (or maybe least favourite) things or people!

Less than 30 days after the passing of Etta James, one of the greatest vocalists of all time, Whitney Houston, suddenly passed away as well. She was one of the biggest-selling female artists of all time and had tremendous success throughout most of her career, and despite her troubles, still left a legacy behind her. Whitney‘s rich, smooth and soulful voice was what made her standout star and her practically impeccable technique was unparalleled during her peak and she inspired a legion of many other singers who came after her. Here is a list of top 10 favourite Whitney Houston songs (singles):

10) Queen Of The Night

9) Million Dollar Bill

8) I Have Nothing

7) So Emotional

6) I Will Always Love You

5) When You Believe (with Mariah Carey)

4) Run To You

3) I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

2) One Moment In Time

1) How Will I Know


Last month we lost of the music industry’s most iconic and influential singers of all time, Etta James. She was traditionally a church, jazz and blues singer but she mixed those roots with funky, soulful, rock’n’roll sounds and was considered a sharp-tongued, bad girl in her time. Etta had a very distinctively deep, raw and raspy, gritty, growly tone to her voice but could also keep it smooth and sultry when she wanted to. Here are my top 10 favourite Etta James songs:

10) Security

9) Tough Lover

8) A Sunday Kind Of Love

7) Tell Mama

6) Pay Back

5) I Prefer You

4) I’d Rather Go Blind

3) Something’s Got A Hold On Me

2) I Just Wanna Make Love To You

1) Tighten Up Your Own Thing

A lot of people like to ask me what kind of music I like… And they’re surprised when I say I prefer old school soul and funk from 60’s and 70’s (as well as the 50’s and 80’s too) – I mean, what kind of music do you think I listen to? Cheesy Chinese pop? Hardcore hip-hop? Heavy metal? “Dirty house” (whatever that is…)? Justin fucking Bieber? Lady *groans* Gaga? Christina Aguilera? Well, yeah I do as well of fucking course! But this kind of music that I’m gonna talk about is where real music is at – fuck the lame shit that gets over 100 million views on YouTube (usually so people can see how god-awful it is… I hope!) and gets blasted out in every other standard club or is over-played constantly on the commerical, mainstream radio! So here’s a rundown of 20 of my favourite soul songs… You don’t really need to worry so much about the rankings – some I like just as much as others! Some you will probably know (well most definitely should I hope) and others you might not, which in that case I would highly recommend/urge you to go and listen to!

20) Midnight Train To Georgia – Gladys Knight & the Pips

I love this easy-listening kind of soul that, with Gladys and her male backing singers’ smooth vocals, you could laze around listening to all day.

19) (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher – Jackie Wilson

This is definitely one funky-ass tune… It just makes you wanna dance around happily singing along, no? Jackie Wilson‘s falsetto voice is really lovely to listen to as well.

18) It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World – James Brown

This man is not called the Godfather of Soul for nothing! This song screams soul just like James Brown screams with all his soul when singing.

17) Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye

Nowadays, most songs about sex by male artists are not sexy – they just get straight to the point about bonking girls and getting some… Marvin Gaye‘s smooth, sensual voice on this song easily trumps all of them and shows them how to be sexy and not just plain sleazy. 

16) Groove Me – King Floyd

Another rather sexual song, with a groovy reggae beat to it. You might remember it from an episode of The Simpsons when Homer tries to get his “ass groove” back into his beloved couch… Classic.

15) Something’s Got A Hold On Me – Etta James

Etta James – the lady who has had huge influence on the likes of Janis Joplin, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Adele, and has one smokin’ hot voice. She’s a badass, no nonsense chick and could slay the majority of “singers” out there today with just one note. This is really good song – check out Christina‘s version too… She does it and Etta justice for sure!

14) Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye

Marvin GayeKing of Love-making Soul Songs. Can’t beat a good bit of sexual healing when you’re feeling down. This song was like a follow-up to Let’s Get It On and was just as smooth and sensual… Just listening to it makes you feel better!

13) Rescue Me – Fontella Bass

The great thumping beat, horn blares and sax coupled with Fontella‘s soulful voice really gets you moving and singing with it.

12) Respect – Aretha Franklin

This woman’s energy and soul when singing and performing knows no bounds. Everyone knows this song and if you don’t love it, you sure have no respect, nor any knowledge of real old school soul music or singing is.

11) Heatwave – Marthella and the Vandellas

One of the greatest girl groups of all time and a great summer tune – I mean, the name says it all really. Great drum beats, great harmonies and great voices. Great song… Just simply great!

10) Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours – Stevie Wonder

“You set my soul on fire” is a line of from this classic song, and that’s definitely what this song does. A nice, happy love song that isn’t soppy and cheesy… Stevie definitely delivers.

9) You Turn Me On – Labelle

While a lot of female singers sing about getting down and kinky like sex-starved little sluts, Labelle know where the fine line between sexy and sleazy is. Check their emotions in the line “I cum like the pouring rain, when you call my name” – I’m surprised it wasn’t censored back in the day! The three ladies’ raw soul and of course their mind-blowing vocals (especially by Miss Patti Labelle, Queen of High-octave Belting) make this an absolutely amazingly sexy song.

8 ) I Just Want To Make Love To You – Etta James

Miss Etta James does it again. You probably know this song from one of the Coca-Cola adverts years ago. This is a cover version of the original song by Muddy Waters (yes, that was the name of the singer) – but she turns up the heat, throws a whole lot of sassy attitude into it and injects her rich, sultry voice to make this track the sex bomb that it is.

7) Rock Steady – Aretha Franklin

This song is some fucking good rockin’ soul right here… You can’t help but get up and move to this joint! Just be aware that Aretha doesn’t say “it’s a fucking load I’m feeling”… Ha. The correct words are in fact“it’s a funky low-down feeling”!

6) Superstition – Stevie Wonder

The beat, horns, sax and this legend‘s voice on this track are completely off the hook. Stevie Wonder really is wondrous… An absolute musical genius. Love this song – wish it went on forever!

5) Tighten Up Your Own Thing – Etta James

Hard-hitting beats, raw, growly vocals and a meaningful message – Etta really slams this joint all the way home… Some true, funky soul at its best!

4) I Heard It Through The Grapevine – Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye didn’t just excel in singing sexy, sensual soul, but he did heartbroken soul really well too. Another of his most famous songs, this one is amazingly soulful, yet sad and tinged with pain at the same time.

3) Feeling Good – Nina Simone

Many artists have covered this song over the years – some did it really well, but NONE have come close enough to the original. Nina normally has a very melancholy tone to her voice, but on this one she really puts a lot of positive, feel good emotion into it, yet she still does it so effortlessly and beautifully. Love the deep, rich tone in her voice!

2) I Got You (I Feel Good) – James Brown

If you saw this god of music performing live, the energy he radiated was just immense – the sweat rolling off his face as his passion for music flows out of him. Who doesn’t love this song and just want to get up and dance to it?

1) Spirit In The Dark – Aretha Franklin

If you watched the Grammy‘s this year, gospel singer Yolanda Adams did a great but short rendition of this song in the medley. If you didn’t see it – go and watch it! That tribute to the Queen of Soul was the highlight of the night (yes, better than other performances… no names! Ha). And if you’ve never heard the original (it’s quite a rare song but it is on YouTube…) then I suggest you listen to it! This song is some really amazing toe-tapping, foot-stomping, hip-shaking, soulful gospel – and once again, Aretha‘s energy is boundless, as are her off the chain vocals.

In regards to my  post praising “Tangled” and declaring my love for CGI films, I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favourite films in that genre and explain why I liked them and why they should be on the list and in that position. It was originally going to be a Top 10 list, but I then realised there were too many to mention so I extended it to twenty… Enjoy (sorry, it’s a long post)!


1) Toy Story 3: Now although I already thought the first and second instalments of this trilogy were amazing in themselves, the third and final film was like the first two put together to create dynamite. Heartfelt, heart-warming and heart-wrenching, with a perfect blend of comedy, adventure and emotion that got practically everyone of all ages to smile, laugh, fear (admit it, when that big pink teddy showed his evil side, you shook just a little) and cry (yes, while many men would not admit to shedding a tear during “Titanic”, don’t pretend you didn’t during this film). “Epic” personified.


2) Finding Nemo: If you couldn’t afford to go scuba diving or even to an aquarium, with the amazing and very realistic animation in this film, you didn’t really need to. It coupled a brilliant and fluid (no pun intended) story and well-written script with vivid and in-depth characters and pretty much unparalelled animation. Just like the “Toy Story” trilogy, “Finding Nemo” is able to excite, scare, and delight you as well as make you laugh out loud and possibly cry too, sometimes at the same time – there’s something both comical and frightening about a huge great white shark continually trying to eat such tiny and vulnerable fish, and coming extremely close but failing at the end. Now we’re all just waiting to hear if there’s going to be a sequel that we can only hope will be just as nigh-on perfect.

3) Kung Fu Panda: As a Chinese person, I warmed to this film and its story more than some others. As a western-produced film, it managed to shine a bright light on China and Chinese culture with a comical and light-hearted attitude that didn’t offend. Similar to Disney‘s “Mulan”, it introduced westerners to the captivating legends and interestingly different and diverse cultures and traditions of China and while the animation of the characters gave the animals more endearing human features, the sheer beauty of China’s landscapes was captured perfectly. While I’m sure the crazy action and adventures, hilarious visual gags and witty dialogue of “Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom” (out THIS MAY!) will be just as good, if not better, I only hope it will feature more lines and action from and focus on the Furious Five rather than have them as secondary characters…

4) Shrek 2: Each of the films in the “Shrek” series is like almost every imaginable story or character from a fairytale brought together and thrown into one. But maybe “thrown” is not the right word, because they’re knitted together in a tight, excellently-written (if “excellently” is a word) bomb of a fresh and original story that isn’t just a simple mish-mash of the same-old well-known kiddies’ fairtyales. Whilst the first film set the mark and was really good in its own right, the second managed to double the overall quality of the first – more original fairytale characters (yet it still didn’t seem like there were “too many”) added with twisted personalities (e.g. the big bad wolf in grandma’s nightie is shown as one of Shrek‘s minions and here the fairy godmother is an evil winged witch), more laughs and an even more exciting story than the first. While Disney do not usually make the best sequels, or in fact, many sequels in general are just not as or that good at all, Dreamwork‘s Shrek 2″ is definitely one that managed to overturn that preconception. It’s just a shame the last two failed to live up to the hype, but it was almost predictable when “Shrek 2” had raised the bar that high.

5) How To Train Your Dragon: This dazzling film boasted excellent animation, especially with the detail put into each of the dragons and the aerial and fight sequences, and a great story and script which sees these Vikings eventually changing their attitudes towards their mortal enemies. Whilst the original 2D version was amazing enough already, the 3D version managed to make it that more of a thrilling and high-octane action-adventure. Some people called it a kiddies’ version of “Avatar”, and while the animation may not have been as perfect, that’s not to say that as a whole it was anything short of brilliant in itself. The only slightly annoying thing that bothered me was the accents of the characters… Vikings with Scottish accents? But all the children had American accents? How very odd! It’s a shame it was up against “Toy Story 3” for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars, because if it hadn’t been, it most definitely would or should have taken the title and it’s suprising it didn’t gross more than $500 million worldwide, whereas “Shrek Forever After” made so much more.

6) Toy Story 2: Just like “Shrek 2”, “Toy Story 2” had a tough act to follow and out-do it’s predecessor in every possible way, but again, just like “Shrek 2”, it pulled it off superbly. More action and adventure, more exciting new characters and an interesting and dramatic storyline that is even funnier and more gripping than the first, which almost seemed like an impossible feat.

7) A Bug’s Life: The oldest film with the highest position on my list, “A Bug’s Life” is still one of the best and classic Disney Pixar films, and even though it was back in 1998, the animation was already that every bit as awe-inspiring as “Toy Story” and subsequent films that showed promise of it definitely getting better in the following years. The story was tight and the characters were all individual, even the minor ones and even when standing collectively, while the gags were hilarious and the dialogue was witty. If this film didn’t make you at least think twice before killing a bug again, then you suck just as much as “Antz” and “Bee Movie” did in comparison to this… Now come on, it’s 2011 now, but “A Bug’s Life 2” can still be done!

8 ) Toy Story: In 1995, Disney Pixar came together presented us with the world’s first-ever fully CGI film. It really was a milestone in the history of films and of course CGI films in general. While adults may have been sceptical about having to sit and watch a film about toys with their children, I defy any full grown person to not have loved it and helped relive their own childhood memories of playing with their toys and the fantasies about their toys being real… Heck, even my own parents liked it and all the other two films in the trilogy! But who wasn’t bowled over by the originality of the story, the wittiness of the dialogue, the suprising depth of the characters, and of course the jaw-dropping technology and animation? See, everyone loved it.

9) Shrek: A hugely entertaining film with a hilarious script, great cast and a fresh and original take on the same-old “handsome Prince rescues helpless but beautiful Princess” story. While Dreamworks‘ animated films have usually been very hit-and-miss in terms of well-roundedness, with usually sub-par CGI and wanting to be more funny rather than anything else, Shrek brought us something new and different that could only hope to be bettered by at least one of its three sequels.

10) The Incredibles: A great Disney film about a whole family for a whole family that had at least one member of the family that everyone could relate to – a workaholic and over-protective father, a loving yet bossy mother, an insecure and quiet girl, a bouncy and loud-mouthed little boy, and a cute but crying baby. A high-octane and thrilling action-packed adventure with CGI that was as close to most original comic book animations and overall one that definitely rivals most live-action superhero films, being both funny, gripping and heart-warming at the same time. Now for a sequel, please?

11) Avatar: Erm, ok, this is a slight cheat because half of this film wasn’t in CGI, but the part of it that was, was indeed un-matched by almost any other film. The storyline may have been slightly predictable and not the best and most original out there, but the use of technology and the incredibly breath-taking animation was obviously the priority here, and the years that it took to not only create that technology before actually doing the animation finally paid off. The slight problem with this film was that you’re too busy reeling from the almost totally realistic animation of the humanoids, the mythical creatures and the scenery, that you’re not paying much attention to the story or the dialogue. I put this film at No.11 though simply because, unlike many of the other CGI films that had better characters and a better script, I cannot imagine that much more else could be done to top it, if a sequel was ever made… Unless the rest of the film, except the animation is brought up to par.

12) Ratatouille: A really charming and cute story that was so good with animation that was so vivid you couldn’t help but drool over the food being made and eaten in the film, as if they were real and right in front of you. Despite the fact that everyone in the film is meant to be French but half of them speak in American accents, this film was a delight and again does not just appeal to kids but to adults as well.

13) Up: Probably Disney and Pixar‘s most visually beautiful film to date, yet the story was still original and extremely endearing too. And finally for once, an older character is the main protagonist – perhaps they were trying to appeal to the much older audience to relive the magic of Disney once again?

14) Happy Feet: Who wasn’t won over by the cuteness of these penguins? The song and dance numbers were great and the animation was just as realistic as Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks. I just never understood why Mumble still looked like a chick when all his friends of the same age had grown into fully adult penguins? Watch out for “Happy Feet 2”, out later this year! And hopefully Mumble will actually look like an adult penguin now…

15) Monsters, Inc.: The creativity behind this film was ingenius. Who would have thought that the idea of a fantasy world full of monsters would turn out to be so loveable, even with some of the slightly scary scenes? Apparently a sequel is out next year, which I hope will rekindle the greatness of the first film.

16) Cars: Finally, a Disney film that a lot of boys could really fall in love with! It lacked a bit of charm that many other Disney and Pixar films have in heaps, but remember, afterall it is a story about beautiful, fast, cool and adventure-loving racing cars, so it was expected. Roll on “Cars 2” this summer!

17) Tangled: After a few years of not many great Disney films that revolved around princesses, “Tangled” brought all the classic storytelling, great characterisations and charm and beauty back, with better and more advanced animation (seems that they can do good CGI without the help of Pixar afterall) and a nice, interesting twist to the original story it is based on. Let’s hope they can keep it up from now on.

18)  Wall-E:  The animation of a trash-filled Earth up until they go into outerspace was very realistic and some of the best work they have ever done, but although I liked that this film was innovative and different to other Disney Pixar creations, it just seemed like a normal Pixar short that was stretched from five to one-hundred minutes long.

19) Ice Age: It may not be in the same league as Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks in terms of animation, script-writing or characterization, but “Ice Age” still provided a good time and plenty of laughs (mainly from that acorn-crazy squirrel actually), and is definitely one of the funniest CGI films, however predictable and cheesy it was. It’s a shame that whilst the other two films in the trilogy were also very comical, they were just not as good. If Ellie had been the first film, I think it would have been much better.

20) Dinosaur: This was like “Jurassic Park” for kids, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The animation was pretty darn good and the story was lovely too (compared to the scary drama of “Jurassic Park”), but if you’re like me, who likes films to be as scientifically and accurate as possible (especially when it’s kids’ film because it’s just misleading otherwise), you might have been slightly put off by the inaccurate sizes of some of the dinosaurs.

You can say what you like about Christina Aguilera‘s looks and attitude, but there really is no denying that she has talent. Admittedly she’s not always on top form for every performance and sometimes she may overdo it slightly where it ends up being more about what she can do with her voice rather than the song itself. However, when she is on top form – nails every single word and note and pours her heart and soul into the singing and performing without “just showing off”, she’s practically unparalelled. These are my top ten favourite Christina Aguilera performances and why, so if you’re looking for some amazing all-round performances and a lesson or ten in what real and good live singing is (note to Black Eyed Peas, Ke$ha, Cheryl Cole, Britney Spears and Katy Perry stans, etc. especially), then check these out:

1) I’m OK – VH1 Storytellers (2010): This song was a non-single track from her “Stripped” album and probably the most personal and emotional song she’s ever done. If you’ve heard it and didn’t shed a tear, then I don’t know what’s happened to your heart and soul, but on this song she poured every bit of hers into it. She performed it for the first and only time last year, and admitted it took a lot of courage to do so. Her vocals are extremely raw and every note is tinged with sadness and pain that you can’t help but feel even more upset upon hearing her sing this song live. Like the true performer she is, she bravely soldiers through to the end and still remains note and pitch perfect throughout, despite the obvious hurt she is putting herself through remembering the story behind it. Truly beautiful and truly heartbreaking at the same time.

2) Ain’t No Other Man – 2006 MTV Movie Awards: From the very first note that she belts out with extreme power and amazing clarity but no straining force, right to the end when you would normally expect an average singer to be totally breathless, this is her best (and was her first) performance of this song. The only disappointment? Everyone in the audience, except two people, stood up to clap and holler enthusiastically. Were they deaf? Or thinking that they were at the opera? It is however, always nice to see one of her peers look on speechlessly (Jessica Simpson)… The music and her voice brought back the fun and feel-good funky soul genre that many thought was lost back in the 60s and 70s, gave it a few modern R&B and commercial pop twists and added her rich and unmistakable vocals to make this a dynamite of a performance.

3) It’s Man’s Man’s Man’s World – 2007 Grammy Awards: Since this was voted the third best-ever Grammy performance after Celine Dion and Green Day respectively, there’s no real need to elaborate on why this is such an amazing performance. But I will anyway. James Brown was known for his “scream-singing” – which is obviously basically screaming but hitting proper notes and doing it in a way that it still sounds good musically, and some could say Christina does the same sometimes too. Here she perfectly channels the late Godfather of Soul‘s emotion on probably his most slow-tempo song ever that didn’t see him moving his feet, twisting his hips and jumping up and down but still had him scream out at the top of his lungs about how he feels about the world’s society in terms of gender. Christina roars and screams into the mike for all she’s worth, really feeling and believing the lyrics herself, practically reviving James Brown, reliving his soulful spirit and taking the entire audience to the church to be reborn. Even the high screaming note towards the end that some people thought was off-pitch, while others believed that was meant to be, just as James Brown did it too, didn’t falter the overall delivery. And in the words of Jamie Foxx at the end of the video, “that’s the shit right there”. Indeed it was the shit. NB: She had apparently recently gotten over a cold during this time.

4) Walk Away – The David Letterman Show (2004): This song has Christina doing what only some of the best singers do well, which is change between various different pitches within one phrase – from rich, deep and husky to light, high and airy. Again, it has the audience totally mesmerized by her soulful, versatile voice as well as being absorbed by the dark lyrics. Aside from being dressed like an Italian mob boss, the whole performance is flawless… her voice is pitch perfect and hauntingly beautiful, not restrained but not over-used and while most singers feel the need to stand up straight in order to force out the power in the voice, she’s sat down for this one and it still comes out of her with practically no effort at all.

5) Makes Me Wanna Pray – Back To Basics Tour (2007): To those that say she oversings a lot, they are probably not familiar with gospel music, which is all about being as loud as possible so that the Big Guy Upstairs can hear your love and praise – here Christina puts her bluesy melismas, inflections and well-executed mid-range belts into full gear and use and sings for all she’s worth about how thankful she is to God for her loved one. Her sexy, Etta James-inspired growls and the belts (not screams) at the end are HD-clear, fantastic and right on target, even after all that high-octane singing and moving she did throughout the song. Her band, dancers and incredible backing singers really shone too, for an all-round foot-stomping, hand-clapping and soul-packed performance. If you didn’t feel like you were right in the middle of an energy-blasting Gospel Church and choir, then Lord help you.

6) Beautiful – The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2004): Probably her best performance of this song to date. For the first minute and a half she sings it acapella, and even after that she just has the help of a piano and  six backing singers to harmonize, proving that the best performances don’t need special effects, ridiculous outfits, crazy dancing or even any music. A very simple and seemingly effortless, yet powerful and emotion-evoking performance. And as Ellen DeGeneres says at the end, “that’s singin’!” It sure is…

7) Ain’t No Way – 2011 Grammy Awards: In another tribute, this time to Aretha Franklin, Christina tackled one of the Queen of Soul‘s hardest songs to sing. She puts every ounce of soul she has into this performance, but not by trying to replicate or be better than the original or “copy” Aretha‘s unique voice, but instead managing to make it her own with her own unique voice, which is what the best singers do when wanting to honour their idols. Obviously some will compare it to the original, and while it admittedly is not as outstanding, Christina definitely did the song justice and Aretha proud, allowing her soul and the feeling of the song to carry her and her voice through it. Her runs were well-executed but not too overdone, her falsetto/head register is still there and ample, and while her voice wasn’t completely perfect, this performance was definitely her best in recent months. It was just the kind of performance she needed to pull off to make people forget her “ruining” and messing up the words to the American National Anthem just a week before.

8 ) Beautiful – Stripped Tour (2003): Here Christina also sings the first verse and chorus acapella, in front of 12,000 fans, but unlike during other performances, this gave the audience a chance to participate and sing along with her, and despite the obvious difficulty of trying to hear yourself hit the right notes with thousands of fans screaming at you, she did it. Her look was laid-back and casual and her voice was beautiful and effortless, even after having already been performing for an hour and a half. While most of her performances are ones where the audience just looks on in amazement by hearing her voice live, this song will also always allow people to feel the need to sing along and relate to the song by feeling its lyrics and meaning.

9) I Love You Porgy – 2008 Grammy Nominations Concert: In a tribute to Nina Simone (notice how she is always asked to do these tributes to the great singing legends of the past over other people? And not because others are unavailable to do them, it’s because there are hardly any others available at all…), who was well-known for her extremely deep contralto voiceChristina shows her rich, melancholy lower register without “showing off”. Even though at the end she turns the volume up slightly and adds a couple of runs, she keeps the majority of the song as pure and straight as it is meant to be. She channelled Nina’s mellow and soul-enriched vocals and emotion well, that it is not meant to excite the audience, but spellbind them instead.

10) You Lost Me – 2009 American Idol Finale: Things were resting heavily on Christina‘s performance of this song here, especially after the first single “Not Myself Tonight” from the album “Bionic” did not do very well… people accused her of using sex and nudity to sell, but ultimately failing to do so, while others were disappointed at the lack of her using her big voice on the album… even though many had criticized her before for over-using it in the past. You just can’t win can ya?! So Christina needed a solid second single to come out with, and although this was also not the greatest of choices and didn’t do particularly well either, its simplicity and her emotion-filled vocals reminded most people again of why she still has one of the best voices in the business today. She went for a toned-down look and it was just her and her mike singing over the instrumental… no gimmicks and no unneccessary runs – just a lesson for the all “American Idol” wannabes about how to put on a simple yet beautiful performance with great vocals. Shame the judges just sat there and clapped politely at the end, whereas they gave Janet Jackson a standing ovation despite her boring performance!