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Stuff about my life. Obviously…

Wow, so we are finally at the end of 2011 – a year that has been… well, like every other year really, with its ups and its downs, which I won’t go into… So this is just going to be a quick look back at my life throughout the last year month-by-month – complete with some of favourite pictures so I don’t have to write one big, long essay! But in short I completed my four year degree at the Univeristy of Manchester and graduated, but lazed around for most of the summer, then decided I’d return to Manchester again to do a Masters degree at the University of Salford, and now here we are back in December at the end of another year! Anyway, enough that boring crap, here are the piccies:

Spending New Year's in London! This was technically 31st December 2010, but oh well...


I think this was actually March, but nevermind, because I can't find any from February...


My glasses are actually brown, not red by the way!


Yes, it was actually sunny in April!


Aww, I loved my hair like this...


My friend's wedding! JulyWoohoo, graduation!


When the extended family came to visit...


Celebrating daddy's 60th birthday with family and some "randomers"...


OMG... Halloween as a corpse groom was so much fun!


This is actually from December, but I don't have any pictures from November, so this'll do...


Christmas times with friends!

Stay tuned for the next and final blog post of this year (or first of next year) which is coming soon… My “Best/Favourites of 2011”.


Ahh, hello again my beloved blog! Sorry to have neglected you… I haven’t got a good reason if I’m honest but I’m back now with the first post in three weeks… unfortunately though, it’s a ranting post so brace yourselves for me venting my frustration! This is going to be about my five biggest pet hates that I have about people’s behaviour, attitudes and actions that piss me off no end… And have been doing so quite recently! If you’re one of the people who I’m talking about and you know it then “hello, yes this shoe is for you to wear” but for those of you who are just completely oblivious (i.e. plain stupid) then read carefully… I don’t think this post will get anymore obvious without me actually naming people! Or if you’re not sure if you fit any of the descriptions that I’m about to put here but suspect it is about you then “there’s the shoe, feel free to wear it”.

Here is the countdown:

5. People who don’t talk to you for ages but then try and start a conversation with you or say something as if the big gap between your communication was never there:

Them: “Oh hi, long time no speak” – You: “Er, yeah, hi… I had hoped it would be longer, like never again!” Seriously? Why start up again with the small talk? Especially when they’re really cautious about what they say in case you snap back at them faster than a crocodile trying to grab an antelope… Or when they act as if nothing had happened between you before you had stopped talking to each other for whatever reason – most likely because they cut off ties with you despite you having tried to keep in touch, which in some cases is why they stop… Apparently, you trying to stay friends by being nice comes across as too annoying or desperate. Well thanks for telling me! But no thanks for trying to talk to me again!

4. People who say they were “too busy” to text/message back:

Ok, first off – of course, depending on what you sent them in the first place and the kind of answer you expected them to give, it does not usually have to take longer than 30 seconds or a minute to send a quick message back… even a simple answer with an added “I’m in the middle of something now, will text you later” is sufficient. Just make sure they fucking well text you later though! I admit that sometimes I do not always reply straight away (and that is usually because I am out or doing something) but if someone was asking me a really pressing question I would try and reply ASAFP (the “f” is for “fucking” btw, if it wasn’t obvious)… is it really that hard? You might not be able to text while you’re in the shower but you’re not exactly “busy” if you’re sat on the toilet are you?!

3. Being told things at the last minute:

For some things, in some cases and with some people I can forgive this one, but not if it means you have to get ready earlier, wait until much later or go out of your way to travel further to get somewhere. Although the main annoyance comes when people tell you the whole plan at the last minute. Now for me, last minute means “on the day” – hell, even the day before is pushing it if you need to sort other things out first… this kinda incorporates the other points I have put here too – it really isn’t that difficult to let people have a rough idea at least of what is going to happen, nor does it hurt of course to PLAN IN ADVANCE and organise yourself better, rather than leave things so late or keep changing your mind, especially if you’re the one people are relying on for all the information!


2. The phrases “I’ll let you know” or “I’ll get back to you”:

Yes, two phrases that the majority of people who use say it but don’t mean it. By using these they usually really mean: “when you chase me up about it, then I’ll let you know” or “you get back to me and then I’ll tell you”. Well like fuck I’m going to actually do that then – you might as well actually say that rather than sugarcoat it with a lie or “forget” as the excuse will most probably be. So in the end you up wasting your time and energy on someone who probably is not worth your time and energy because they seem to live in their own little dream world where they forget about those around them.

1. People who don’t know the answer to a question or are still trying to figure out the answer themselves but don’t tell you that until you ask them again:

This is probably the biggest piss-take ever – when people think they don’t have to tell you until they themselves are 100% sure, and it leaves you confused, ignored and feeling impatient. Could someone please explain to me what is wrong with telling people the first time that you “don’t know” or you’re “still not sure yet” but that you’ll tell me as soon as you know? I hate it when you have to hint or ask again which makes you feel like a broken, retarded record or a desperate fool for chasing someone up. I would not be so annoyed if you told me the first time rather than me asking again or you telling me one or two days later that that is the reason you didn’t reply straight away… But when people do finally tell you, especially at the last minute as I said, it does annoy me – in fact, it’s just as bad as those who don’t tell you at all!

Ok, one of my very good friend’s from uni, Becca has started her own little blog called the “Fasshonisuta” (a very interesting and intriguing name… me likey!) – which is all about fashion, style and life, mainly in East Asia and focusing onmainland China… no, Chinese fashion is NOT all about cheaply made clothes sent around the world, silk, cheongsams/qipaos and choptsicks in hairs! She’s very knowledgeable and passionate about pretty much all things fashion having worked in River Island (well jeal) and has written articles for online magazines about style. She also has one of the quirkiest and most random, yet fitting styles which seems to change every day, of anyone that I’ve ever come across… if you don’t know her personally but can access either of our Facebook pages you can see just what I mean.

So this was just a quick post telling you all to check out her blog (also in the links section at the bottom of home page but I hardly anyone scrolls all the way down there), which she will be updating more regularly in the future – if you’re a fan of fashion of any kind or from any part of the world, then she’s the“Fasshonisuta” you should definitely check this out!

Oh, and if you’re a friend of mine or even just some randomer who is has a blog (a good one!) that you want to play link-to-link with, let me know and maybe we can do that…

Well that’s it. My four-year-long degree at the University of Manchester is over and done with. It’s been a sometimes fun, sometimes crap, sometimes interesting and sometimes hard four years, but there have been many good memories from those times… here are a few of those select few moments that were captured on camera (and where I look good! Ha). Most of these were taken throughout the final year, as despite that being the most difficult in terms of workload it was also the best… although my year abroad in Shanghai was great too and so I’ve thrown in a few for good measure here too! Sorry if you’re not featured in any of these pics – it’s either because we never had any taken together or because I don’t look my best in them (another reason why there are none from my first and second years…). Or could be because we don’t keep in contact anymore or I simply just don’t like you (anymore)! LOL.

A few celebratory drinks after handing in our dissertations… that’s 1/3 of our final year’s overall grade!

Letting loose after our final exam.

 Day one of my 22nd birthday.

Day two of my 22nd birthday.

When the wife came to visit!

Out for a curry… And (quite) a few drinks!

Happy fun times.

Out at karaoke…

Standard night out…

Just out and about.

I like my top here! Haha.

Out in Shanghai with the Minj! My hair looks awful here but this is when most of our classmates were all together…

Two of the cheekiest lads ever.

You can always guarantee a good night out in “Shangers”.

My one and only time experiencing Pangaea.